Ayana Friedman - Publications

Catalogues and Books

  1. Here and Now: First Work by Immigrant Artists from the Former Soviet, exhibition catalogue Van Leer Institute, Jerusalem, 1992.
  2. Passages: ArtFocus 1994, exhibition catalogue, Navon Gallery, Neve Ilan, pp. 6-7.
  3. Artist andTeacher: Julia Keiner-Forchheimer, weaving and Collages, Sara and Isadore Palevsky Pavilion for Design, Israel Museum, Jerusalem, Fall-Winter 1993-94, pp. 9-12.
  4. A Choice of Alternatives, exhibition catalogue for several Venues: Fischer Gallery, Mishkenot Sha’ananim, Jerusalem; Haim Zippori Community Education Center; and Kol Ha-Isha; 1996, pp. 10-14.
  5. Bruria Mann: A Selection of the Artists’ Work, Jerusalem, 2000, 117
  6. A Swing for Every Age; The Third Color, exhibition catalogue, Artists’ House, Jerusalem, November 2000, pp. 2-5.
  7. By Way of Flour: The Art of Ayala Gordon, exhibition catalogue, Art Gallery, Kaye College of Education, Beersheba, 2001, pp. 4-6.
  8. Not By Portrait Alone…, Introduction and analysis of the work of sixteen artists, exhibition catalogue for “The Golden Brush: Self Portraits”, Shoham Geriatric Center, Pardes Hannah, June 2003.
  9. The Art of Aging, Hebrew Union College, Jewish Institute of Religion, Museum, New York, October 2003.


[Some appear under Wirtheim-Friedman and some under Friedman]

1989 – “Location of Ra: On the Art Dov Or-Ner”, Studio Art Journal 5: 26.

1989 – “The Rop and the Hanging”, Studio Art Journal, 5: 28-29.

1989 – “The Geisha, the Hamburger, and AIDs”, Studio Art Jornal, 6: 44-45.

1990 – “Interview with Martin Weyl”, Studio Art Journal, 14: 4-5.

1990 – “Munch: The Drama on the Bridge”, Studio Art Journal, 15: 28-29.

1990 – “Sculptural Garments: Clothing as Packaging and Sculpture in the Work of Six Artists”, Mishkafayim, 9: 17-19.

1990 – “Dancing is Sculpture Too: The Dance of Rina Schoenfeld is like Sculpture”, Mishkafayim, 11: 56-57.

1991 – “ya’akov Pins: Artist, Collector, Teacher,” Studio Art Journal, 24: 48-49.

1992 – “Soft Sculpture: The Season of Fiber”, Studio Art Journal, 32: 24-25.

1993 – “The Trick is to Love on a Philosophical Level: The Art Jeff Koons and Cicciolina”, Mishkafayim, 18: 78.

1994 – “Tracks of Time: On an Installation of Bar-On and Daniel Davis”, Mishkafayim, 20: 34.

1997 – “Entrance Women Only: American Artist Judy Chicago Makes Dinner for 39 Women Who Left Their Mark on History”, Mishkafayim, 31: 24-27.

1998 – “Knitted Sculpture: On the Work of Contemporary German Artist Rosemarie Trockel”, Mishkafayim, 33: 32-34.

1999 – “Heavy as a Feather: On Stone in the Art of Ilan Auerbach, an Israeli Artist Who Lives and Works in the U.S and Europe”, Mishkafayim, 37: 67-69.

Kinderstube (Children’s Room)

A Family Dinner