Hanna and Samuell

Photograph on Canvas, Hight-360 cm, Width 120 cm

(The images have been created separately, and than assembled in photo shop technique.)

In my work, I am questioning Hanna’s commitment to Hand Over her one and only son to God. Since she could not bare children for a long time, and finally She had one, what mother would donate her son? This is against nature. (At this point at her life she did not know that she will have other children, so it would have ment to remain childless- again.

From Samuel point of view- nobody asked him if he is willing to leave his mother and family and to go and serve God.(being a young child-he would have not understood the meaning of it)

So- My work “reads” from top to bottom.

  1. You see Hanna praying with her head towards the sky
  2. The sky is made like a soldiers camouflage battle uniform, but in blue, This hints to mothers scarifying (and loosing) their sons to wars.
  3. The child, who tries to climb up his mother’s lap does not get a response from his mother.
  4. Samuel plays around with the robe of royalty, (dark violet color[1]), throws it towards the bushes,
  5. Finally, at the bottom of the photograph, Samuel gives in, surrenders to his destiny, wears the robe, and leaves the scene.

The boy whom I directed to this project was five years old at the time, his name is Itai Evron, a very bright young child, who performed for me.))

[1]  Violet is the combination of red and blue, which symbolizes spirituality and earthly powers

Hanna at HUC NYC